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Change the structure and you change the experience



Repeating patterns and structures holds systems, organization and teams together.


As we continue our focus on the importance of creating an environment for high quality conversations in organizations and among teams then we can use this fact to make simple improvements in quality of conversation we have with our team.


It is easy in regular and routine team meetings to slip into “just going through the motions”.  People become bored, and it becomes “the same old – same old”. Most importantly the quality of the interactions and the ability to meet objectives from these meetings can be really compromised.


In this short video I explain some simple ways to ‘change the structure’ and therefore change the experience and as a result make every interaction, meeting or conversation with your team more meaningful and worthwhile.



Cathy Taylor



Better conversations with your team



Too often we just go through the motions in meetings and the conversations we have with our teams, especially those we have regularly.

Each time you get together is an opportunity to really engage, understand what is really going on for each other and build stronger relationships helping people enjoy work and get the most out of it – everyday!

This article and ones to follow will focus on short meetings or conversations that you have on a regular basis (eg. once a week) with your team (or crew).

It could be a meeting or conversation to

  • check progress on work or projects that the team is carrying out
  • about safety,  – performance of the team in meeting targets
  • about improving teamwork itself.
  • as part of toolbox meeting

This same approach can be adapted to longer meetings or discussions.

4 steps to better conversations with your team

  1. Preparation
  2. Starting the conversation
  3. Guiding the conversation
  4. Concluding Read More…

David Hood



We are delighted to be working with David Hood, an old friend and colleague, and one of Australia’s best engineering minds.


Check out his profile



Facilitating quality conversations with leadership teams



This month Steve Zuieback explores a few ways to successfully convene or facilitate conversations with whole leadership teams.


In Tim’s paper on the Seven Conversations of Leadership, each layer of the seven conversations is important and it is  the sequence of  conversations that is critical in terms of a facilitated process.


Whatever process is selected there are five important tips that I have distilled from my work in facilitating conversations with leadership teams.


They are,

  1. Create a sense of possibility
  2. Bring objective analysis to the current situation
  3. Use processes that create safety, transparency and build trust
  4. Identify and build on the positive attributes of the leader and team
  5. Build common ground, and find simple first steps that the team can take to build success


To read more click here and to read some more detailed “how-tos” by Steve and Tim click here.


Leadership Masterclasses coming to Perth in November



In May and June this year we ran a series of 3 day Leadership Master Classes in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.
”The content of the leadership class was excellent. I enjoyed also the facets that other members of the group brought to the discussions. I feel that the Dalmau group have a great dynamic, they are passionate, knowledgeable but are also what they present is realistic and relevant.”
Participant, Melbourne June 2013


92% of those who attended reported being extremely satisfied with the class or classes they attended.


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Advanced facilitation workshop


Bob Dick is offering a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge and skills facilitation even further. His workshop on Advanced Facilitation Skills is a balanced mix of principles, processes and practice for people (including managers and trainers) with some facilitation experience who wish to enhance their skills and understanding. It is happening on August 31 – September 1in Brisbane, South East Queensland.


Bob is among the world’s best designers of good process. He is a prolific author, and publisher of some best facilitative and change processes available. A thinker, facilitator, consultant and mentor to many; I have had the privilege of working with him and co-authoring some works.  This is an opportunity not to be missed. Check it out.


Tim Dalmau


The seven conversations of leadership


I was asked recently to present to an Adelaide group from Engineers Australia about leadership. I cast the presentation in the manner of an onion with layers. At the core is context and it goes from there. Click here to read or download.

Below is a short video excerpt from the presentation.

Tim Dalmau