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Checklist Manifesto: getting it right!



All of us are working in a world of ever-increasing complexity and information overload. Technology and know-how is evolving to help us better manage this complexity, but we continue to be plagued by avoidable failures.


Atul Gawande, a surgeon, in his book of 2009, The Checklist Manifesto, describes a remarkably low-tech approach – the checklist – to manage the complexity of decision-making – consistently, correctly and safely. He developed this approach in the high stakes world of surgery. His very readable book tells the story of how he explored how the construction industry and airline pilots  use checklists to make better decisions particularly when under time pressure. At the behest of the World Health Organization he refined and tailored the approaches he had uncovered, tested and improved them until finally he came up with a version for surgical teams. Read More…


To be a Cat or to be a Dog?

Ideas_and_Insights_700px_cats-and-dogs2A useful frame to help us understand people, and their behavior, is the analogy of people as household pets – namely cats or dogs.


When you call a dog it comes; when you call a cat it has an answering machine and might get back to you later. People can be like that also. Other names for  a cat style of  behavior is referred to as being credible (think of a pilot voice); for a dog – approachable  (like the flight attendant). Read More…


Nailing It: Commitment to follow through


We have probably all been there…


Two weeks have elapsed since the group or team had their last meeting.  It had all ended on a bit of a high and there was energy in the room  to take action on the issues discussed during the meeting. But today you notice as your colleagues walk through the door, they are hurriedly scanning the minutes of the last meeting that they have just grabbed off the printer.  

As the meeting unfolds, yet again, the whole group is let down, and energy palls as the promised follow-up and action made at the last meeting, and documented in the Minutes that were emailed to all the same day – have not been done.


There are some absolutely simple steps you can take as a meeting facilitator to ensure that this doesn’t happen again! Read More…


Safety Leadership Master Class



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A very special, private and personal Master Class on Safety Leadership for only six people with Dick Knowles, a world renowned specialist in safety leadership, and Tim Dalmau a specialist in change management and leadership for global corporations.


There are only a few places left so don’t miss out!

  Read More…