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Beyond Certificate IV Training and Assessment



Bob Dick  and two of his colleagues are offering a great opportunity for people who have traditional training skills that they now wish to augment.


It is for those who have completed Cert IV TAE, or have equivalent experience or qualifications. They now would like to build on their experience by learning to provide learning experiences that are more engaging and learner-centred and represent world class excellence.  It  is to meet their wishes that Bob is offering this very special workshop.

The workshop facilitators are Jeff Dutton, David Jago and Bob Dick.  They are all very experienced learning facilitators with quite different styles, though all responsive to participant needs.  This great trio aim to use their different styles to model approaches to learner-centred and engaging learning.
for those who wish to develop their skills in facilitation. ‘


This workshop will be run on June 16 – 18 in Brisbane, South East Queensland.


Bob is among the world’s best designers of good process. He is a prolific author, and publisher of some of the best facilitative and change processes available. A thinker, facilitator, consultant and mentor to many; I have had the privilege of working with him and co-authoring some works.  This is an opportunity not to be missed. Check it out.

Tim Dalmau





“7 Habits…” stands the test of time.



One of the management books from the reading list of a recent leadership development program conducted by Dalmau Consulting, which has absolutely stood the test of time, is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by the late Stephen Covey.


What follows is an excerpt from one of the book reviews written by a participant and colleague in this program, Spiros Dimas. We think Spiro’s review, amply confirms that Covey’s landmark work is still as relevant today as when it was first published 24 years ago.

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When Leadership for Change Works!


It is not often I sit back in wonder, surprise and with some delight when conducting a meeting for a client. But that is exactly what happened when meeting with about 70 managers and executives of a government corrective services department recently. Yes! A prison’s department!


My image of most corrective services agencies is one of organizations that are change averse, where executive leadership has to struggle to achieve engagement and where militant industrial dynamics are the norm.


So it was with somewhat limited expectations that I met with this group of 70-odd people recently for a one-day workshop. They were all members of working groups set up in the various corrective services facilities that make up this government agency. And they were gathered for a regular review of what was happening in their agency, where it was going and what challenges it faced in these austere times. Read More…


Performance: The Holy Grail of Leadership



Click here to view or download a paper exploring useful concepts related to how leaders can approach the sometimes elusive improvement of performance of their organizations, teams and  people. It describes the nature of changes that need to occur for breakthrough performance to be achieved.

Jill Tideman