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Vive la difference: when creativity and leadership flourishes in the mining industry

Iluka Resources Ltd has, like most resource sector companies, struggled over the last few years. It has kicked many successful goals and had its setbacks as well.

As a consultant, I looked forward to any work I did with Iluka – I knew it would be a delight, something that would make an impact, deliver a result, and I knew it would be supported all the way down.

As a consultant I knew that, in many respects, Iluka was no different to other similar companies employing a range of personalities occupying sometimes anomalous role structures within a rational, analytic male culture with the strengths and limitations that attend to such. Yet it felt different, it felt alive, it felt compassionate, it felt supportive, it felt energetic, it felt effective, it had a “can do” sense about any strategic or operational issue it faced. Put simply, it worked – its culture worked: there was real alignment among the critical three of culture, external demand and corporate strategy.

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The right frame – person or position?

Cathy  Taylor provides an example of where choosing the wrong frame to operate from as a leader, reduces performance and functionality of groups and people. The frame relates to ‘ways of being’  – either from role (or position) or on a personal level.

In the workplace to operate and lead effectively we need to operate both in role (or position) and on a personal relationship level. It is when we confuse these two ways of being that we create confusion for the people we work with. One of the important roles of leaders is to provide ‘psychological safety’ for our teams.  This mean that people feel comfortable to say what is on their mind without fear of negative consequences.

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Hephaistos organizations: value hard work and craftsmanship

Hephaistos represents the paradoxical relationship that exists between pain and beauty. He as a Greek god, personifies the agonies which people are willing to endure for beauty, the years of boring practice which go into seeking perfect form in any craft, the aching muscles and the calluses, and even the long-term physical injuries, which accompany the pursuit of beauty for the dancer, the athlete, the sculptor and the musician. Read More…