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Advanced Clinical Leadership Skills


Advanced Clinical Leadership Skills in an age of change, transition and transformation

Tim Dalmau and Michael Grinder will conduct an advanced training event in Adelaide for those in clinical leadership and management positions who seek to excel at their leadership skills, March 12th  – 13th, 2015 in Adelaide.

They will be delivering a special training event for those who wish to be more effective in their people leadership.

Why should you attend?

Across Australia, NZ and the UK health systems are in deep transformation. In this changing and sometimes confusing setting, leaders of health care are required to be at the forefront of and manage the delivery of high quality, safe health care for patients.

Being an elegant and effective clinical leader requires skills not typically associated with excellence in clinical practice, yet few receive the training and support required. It requires a good leader to

  • Manage themselves
  • Influence individuals and teams
  • Bridge the gap between the ‘organization’ and the day to day lived clinical experience ‘on the floor’
  • Design,lead and manage change and transition
  • Network and act with political intelligence

As managers, clinical leaders are simultaneously asked to drive patient-centered care of the highest standards in environments of fiscal constraint, continual and sometimes competing change initiatives.

This advanced training will focus on self-management, one to one ‘influence’ skills and how to get the best out of teams in an environment of continual change, transition and system transformation.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Medical staff /leaders
  • Nursing staff/leaders
  • Allied health staff/leaders
  • Executives, senior managers and professionals in health systems
  • Anyone who leads, manages or supervises clinicians
  • Those entrusted with change in health systems

What will I receive?

This is not a workshop of theory, but practical “how tos.”

You will experience a two-day training experience with Michael and Tim, packed with experience and information. You will

  • Understand better your own behavioral style and its impact on others
  • Manage your own emotions and thinking in tense situations
  • Become more confident inside in your dealings with a wide range of people
  • Become more elegant and effective in how you deliver your messages
  • Increase the impact and standing that others see you as having
  • Become more credible and influential with others
  • Deal with and manage resistance in others, particularly and especially those with highly competent, technical skills
  • Deliver difficult or negative news with confidence and effect
  • Elicit high performance behaviors from those you lead and manage
  • Recognize and respond to common sources of dysfunction in teams and groups
  • Manage demanding superiors elegantly, be they clinicians or administrators
  • Learn how to use your voice and non-verbal communication to best effect with difficult professionals and in demanding settings
  • Experiment with and strengthen your own behavior using feedback from other participants
  • Design a plan for implementing your new strategies and behaviors.

What do people say?

”This was the very best training experience I have ever had. I am so appreciative to Michael and Tim. Tim’s insight into context and systems is superb. Michael skills are world class. They call themselves the Macro and Micro and this is exactly what they are: a real synergy where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

PARTICIPANT in same workshop, March 2013.

“Gave me an understanding about things that had frustrated me in the past and what I can do about them. I really learned about leadership in practice today. They should make this part of all training for anyone leading clinicians.

PARTICIPANT in same workshop, March 2013.

This is the most practical and useful training I have ever done when it comes to dealing with health professionals. Fantastic! It has restored my confidence in myself and what I can now do with situations (and people) that overwhelmed me before.

PARTICIPANT in same workshop, January 2014

Who is presenting?

Michael Grinder


Michael is without peer in his ability to teach others how to be elegant and effective in their one-to-one interactions. He is a master of precision communication, and works throughout the USA, Europe and Australia imparting both the science and art of non-verbal communication to others. His clients range from global corporations in the financial sector, to health systems and education. To read more about Michael click here.

Tim Dalmau



Tim is one of Australia’s foremost management consultants, an author and trusted business advisor to leaders of global corporations. He has experience spanning 25 years consulting to senior leaders in health systems in Australia, NZ, the UK and the USA. He also brings a wealth of his experience from working with Boards, senior executives and managers throughout the world in the resource, mining and financial services sectors. To read more about Tim click here.

Dates and locations

Thursday 12th – Friday 13th MARCH, 2015

The Monastery Function Center,
15 Cross Road,
Glen Osmond SA 4068
Tel: +61 8 8338 8700

The venue is about 20 minutes east of Adelaide city center, with  free parking onsite and close to public transport.

If you need accommodation it is available on site at the The Monastery Function Center and can be booked separately

Register today!

Click here to register today!.

If you have any queries regarding registration please email tim@dalmau.com or phone +61 41 997 1777

Fee $2200  


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