Dalmau-Grinder Models Workshop Registration



Welcome to the registration process for the two day workshop with Michael Grinder and Tim Dalmau to be held 18th – 19th October, 2013 in Samford Valley, Qld

To complete your registration you will be required to make a payment in full (using PayPal or a credit card). Click here to register.

Note: Dalmau Consulting reserves the right to cancel, alter or amend any of its workshops. They may be cancelled before the scheduled start date if the minimum numbers for the workshop is not reached. In  such cases the full fee will be refunded.

The online registration process requires an up to date internet browser. We support: Internet Explorer 9/10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. If you are having difficulty completing the online registration process, please first ensure you have  the latest version of one of the above.

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