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Dalmau Consulting Leadership Master Class Series

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Dalmau Consulting’s Leadership Master Classes, are to be held in Perth, 11th – 13th November.

These follow the very successful series held in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane in May & June of this year,

Participants will have hands-on access to Dalmau Consulting’s expert knowledge, tools, skills and processes distilled over more than 30 years working with the world’s top leaders, executives and managers.

These Leadership Master Classes are for you if you are a leader, executive, middle manager or supervisor who wants to lead and influence more effectively.

The knowledge imparted through the Leadership Master Class  has been successfully delivered to health services, resources companies, multi-national professional services firms, government agencies, steel companies, community organizations and many others here and in many other countries.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler style=”blitzer” name=”What will I receive?” showText=”Click to discover” hideText=”Here’s what you will receive:” ]Experience a three full day Master Class series, packed with experience and information held ONLY for Dalmau Consulting participants.


1. Learn from and with leading experts on leadership, communication and behavioral change


2. Be given practical skills and tools to fundamentally change the way you handle difficult situations and never be caught out again


3. Learn the importance on being crystal clear about the outcomes you want and how to do this


4. Be able to better influence within your organization, team and the people you do business with


5. Improve your ability to read non-verbal cues


6. Lead meetings that achieve results


7. Tackle complex problems more confidently


8. Manage difficult situations


9. Lead a group to approach difficult situations when there is no easy, straightforward answer.


10. Uncover your leadership potential to move to the next level


11. Network with like-minded individuals and create new opportunities[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler style=”blitzer” name=”Can’t attend all three days?” showText=”Not to worry!” hideText=” “]The Master Classes have been designed so that each day can stand alone, so sign up for one or two of the days! However, feedback from the first series is clear: if you can possibly do it – go to all 3! As they say – “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”[/wpspoiler]

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Day 1 – Influential leadership: Non-verbal communication and practical skills for one-on-one interactions
In this Master Class the focus is on the building blocks for improved communication – verbal and non-verbal skills that give you the ability to be more effective in your one-on-one and group interactions.

You will have a chance to practice skills, and be given new ways of thinking about human behavior so that you can better get what you want from your interactions with others.

Day 2  – Influential leadership:  How to get the most from meetings or working with groups and teams
In this Master Class we share a simple model for improving the effectiveness of meetings that, in our experience, “really sticks” because it makes sense and is easy to remember and use.

We will cover the importance of preparation, and what needs to be thought about before you walk into a meeting. We give you some specific processes, meeting designs and tips on how to manage people or difficult group dynamics so that you get your outcomes.
All that you learn in this Master Class has practical application to effectively managing group dynamics that you need on a daily basis when you work with teams.

Day 3 – Influential leadership: Using an approach that really works for solving difficult problems
In this Master Class you will be introduced to a different type of thinking especially suited to many of the problems people in organizations face.

You will be taught a practical approach that has worked  across all sectors and in the enormous variety of organizations that Dalmau Consulting has worked with.

This approach works really well for diagnosing problems, planning, mapping conversations, coaching, managing projects and aligning people for action.

You will have the opportunity to work on a difficult problem that you face and come away with some new approaches specific to your problem.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler style=”blitzer”  name=”What do people say?” showText=”Click here to find out” hideText=” “] Hear from some of the participants of the Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane Master Classes:

”The content of the leadership class was excellent. I enjoyed also the facets that other members of the group brought to the discussions. I feel that the Dalmau group have a great dynamic, they are passionate, knowledgeable but are also what they present is realistic and relevant.”
Participant, Melbourne June 2013

When asked – “What would you say to others who may consider coming to the next series of Leadership Master Classes?” participants in May and June said,

  • Take in all that you possibly can because; this is a top end course and one of life’s positive opportunities
  • Truly is a great experience. To have instant feedback using individual video coaching was brilliant
  • Don’t miss it. This course is truly remarkable in combining sensible rational elements of meetings with a set of powerful tools based on research evidence into the dynamics of groups and individuals.
  • It is a unique opportunity to work with this integrated and elegant material in a master class format – learning with and from your own experience and that of the other participants[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler style=”blitzer”  name=”Who is presenting?” showText=”Dalmau Consulting’s leading experts” hideText=” “]Dalmau Consulting’s leading experts present this Leadership Master Class Series

Tim Dalmau

Jill Tideman

Cathy Taylor[/wpspoiler]

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Wollaston Conference Centre
5 Wollaston Road
Mount Claremont, WA 6010
Tel:        08 9286 0231[/wpspoiler]

The venue is about 15 minutes from Perth city centre, and 10 minutes from Scarborough.

If you need accommodation there is a large range available in Perth ( west Perth is very convenient) or at Scarborough.

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If you have any queries regarding registration please email jill@dalmau.com or phone +61 448 190 257


Earlybird Rate ( Only until 27th September)

  • 1 day $650
  • 2 days $1300
  • All 3 days $1950

Standard Rate

  • 1 day $750
  • 2 days $1500
  • All 3 days $2250[/wpspoiler]