Leading teams to be their very best


Leading teams to be their best in times of constraint and uncertainty

Recent downturns in the resources sector mean that people have to do far more with far less in very, very uncertain times. Team work is more important than ever. Equipping leaders to help such teams perform at extraordinarily high levels in such times is imperative!

Tim Dalmau and Michael Grinder will conduct a workshop in Adelaide for people who seek to lead teams to perform at their very best,  March 9th  – 10th, 2016 in Adelaide.

Would you like to get your group or team working collaboratively, be innovative, deal with conflict, be aligned and cohesive? Above all, would you like to help them to perform at their very best?

This training is for you if you are a leader, executive, educator, middle manager or supervisor who leads a team of people.

You will have the opportunity to work on your own specific needs under the guidance and skill of both Michael Grinder and Tim Dalmau

This is not a workshop of theory, but practical how to’s.

What you will walk away with

You will experience a two day high end training experience with Michael and Tim, packed with skills, practice and information that will allow you to:-

  • Distinctions between collections, groups, teams, leadership teams and high performing teams
  • Know the conditions under which it is and is not realistic to expect that teams exist and be high performing
  • Know how to foster higher performance in an individual team and across many teams
  • Specific behavioral indicators of levels of both cohesiveness and functioning in teams
  • How to read team styles and be a strong influencer of group style and climate.
  • How to lead a group through difficult conversations on volatile topics
  • Be able to deal with toxic individuals and sub-groups that impair team performance
  • Know how to deal with ineffective or destructive team leaders
  • Be clear about the purpose of teams and teaming behavior
  • Strategies and tools for increasing both the cohesiveness and performance of groups and teams

What do people say?

“I have attended a lot of leadership programs, but never one that gives you the practical non-verbal skills (and the opportunities to practice) that really make a difference in your interactions with others. From my perspective this program is unique”

PARTICIPANT in similar workshop, March 2015.

“Tim’s contributions of the MACRO level phenomena and Michael’s work at the MICRO level added so much value. Without a doubt the best training I have done. Bravo gentlemen!”

PARTICIPANT in similar workshop, March 2015.

”This was the very best training experience I have ever had. I am so appreciative to Michael and Tim. Tim’s insight into context and systems is superb. Michael skills are world class. They call themselves the Macro and Micro and this is exactly what they are: a real synergy where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

PARTICIPANT in similar workshop, March 2014.

As a professional conference speaker and International President of the Global Speakers Federation I get to see a lot of conference speakers, trainers and presenters from around the world. I have had the privilege to attend many training sessions during my term as President over the last eight months and I rate Michael Grinder’s program as the also most practical I have attended. I have learned so much I can put into use straight away at both a professional and personal level.

LINDSAY ADAMS CSP, Teamocracy, President, National Speakers Association of Australia

Tim’s advice and direction has been superb and I and my firm have gained valuably from the experience. The depth and breadth of his understanding and knowledge around multiple dimensions of our firm and its leadership is unique. His insights, advice and assistance has proven extraordinarily valuable to us time and time again (and over many, many years) …


Tim is an inspirational, honest and dynamic catalyst of people. His work with individuals and teams is world class, as evidenced by the amount of time he spends consulting to organisations around the globe. He manages to grow self awareness and understanding for leaders and executive teams and make them far more effective.

TANIA de JONG AM, CEO Creativity Australia

Who is presenting?

Michael Grinder


and Tim Dalmau


Dates and locations

Wednesday 9th – Thursday 10th MARCH, 2016

Fig Tree Conference Centre, Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo
Frome Road,
Adelaide SA 5000
Tel: +61 8 8267 3255

The venue is about 10 minutes walk from Adelaide city centre.

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If you have any queries regarding registration please email tim@dalmau.com or phone +61 41 997 1777

Fee A$2200