Leading Teams In Times Of Uncertainty

Leading in Times of Uncertainty | Finance Sector


  • Define team purpose
  • Solve problems in hours not days
  • Lead a group through volatile issues
  • Foster higher performance in teams and individuals
  • Read team styles and be a strong influencer
  • Pin-point and overcome issues in group dynamics
  • Identify underlying issues to steer the team towards excellence
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Get equipped with the latest tactics and practical know-how for mastering obstacles facing leaders and managers in today’s turbulent economic landscape.

Turbulence and uncertainty in the world’s business and global financial markets mean leaders are having to do far more with far less with little certainty of what tomorrow brings. Team performance is more important than ever; and equipping leaders to help their teams perform at extraordinarily high levels under pressure is imperative.

This is an exclusive chance to get face-to-face, tactical advice from two of the world’s leading behavioural change experts in an intimate hands-on environment.

Over the two days you will learn to identify exactly what’s going on in your team at both the macro and the micro level so you can immediately influence their overall motivation, performance and effectiveness.


Tim Dalmau


Tim Dalmau’s expertise in human development and organizational change spans the resource, finance, health care and logistics sectors throughout the world. His capacity to see clearly what is really going on is extraordinary. He always delivers practical insights and strategies to aid organizations and team achieve their goals. Tim takes the macro perspective.

Michael Grinder


Michael Grinder is a master and renowned international expert in the power of influence — the science of non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership, group dynamics, relationship building and presentation skills. His energetic, pragmatic approach ensures both an engaging and dynamic experience that is grounded in practical how-to. Michael contributes the micro view.


His capacity to see and name what is going on in organizations or groups is stunning. Tim can help any group of managers, executives or Boards.
Mark Halman, TWI
All other courses I have been to pale in comparison to Michael’s. It is like comparing a toolbox from K-mart with a toolbox from NASA.
Hans-Peter Erickson
Sandvik Energy
The seminar at the monastery with Tim and Michael was the best single management support course I have been on.
Dewald Behrens
ED Director