Cathy Taylor

Cathy Taylor

“She took our group who were all quite nervous and made us feel so calm and confident with these new skills. She’s turned my managers into leaders. I wish I’d had this 15 years ago.”
- Client feedback


Interpersonal and communication skills training, Group dynamics, Executive coaching, Leadership development, Facilitation skills and process, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Personality type theory, Micro skill development, Conflict resolution

About Cathy

I’m about giving people practical ways to become more effective in 1-on-1 interactions and group situations; and in training people to deal effectively and confidently with conflict.  The specifics of these skills are not generally taught in other organizations, and our clients say they make a measurable difference to their ability to influence situations, achieve better performance,  profits and staff retention in their business.


For 13 years I have been involved in behavioral skills training, coaching, and change interventions  for people at all levels of management.   I coach ambitious individuals, facilitate resolution of complex situations, train managers to become leaders, polish already capable leaders and up-skill whole organizations for robustness in dealing with unforeseen issues in challenging times


I look forward to the next challenge I can help someone solve.


Recent published work (in press)

The Process Enneagram – A practitioner’s guide to its use as a facilitative tool in the corporate environment by Cathy Taylor.

This practical resource will form a chapter in a forth-coming book on the Process Enneagram.