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A stake in the ground


This month in a short paper, Jill Tideman explores what is required to equip people to lead for sustainability in its broadest sense. Click here to download A Stake in the Ground: building leadership capacity for sustainability.



2 Responses to “A stake in the ground”
  1. Phil Morgan

    I was unable to load “A Stake in the Ground”. Acrobat stated that there was insufficient data to load the image.

    Can you rectify this?

    • Dalmau Consulting

      Hi Phil
      The original version was 7MB big. We reduced it to 1.2MB for the Internet. I have successfully downloaded it and opened it just now in response to your post. I did it on an iPad, a Macbook and a PC. It worked fine on each occasion. I suspect the problem is at your end. Let us know if I can help in any other way, or come back if you are still having difficulty. Tim

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