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Welcome to our re-designed website

Welcome to the re-newed Dalmau Consulting website – and our first blog!

It’s early days, but our vision is to build a place where you can keep in touch, find useful information and practical resources to support you in your
leadership journey.

For those of you who we have worked with us for over  40 years, we look forward to easier and more dynamic interactions where you can access some of our latest information and thinking, as well as the tried and tested tools and processes that support your leadership. To those of you we haven’t yet met – take what is useful, play and explore the ideas in this site  and contact us for specific help.

As we said our vision is for a dynamic and interactive website so post your comments and questions! We welcome them.

We look forward to re-connecting with some of you, making new connections with others and finding ways which best serve you in your ambition to create organizations that are high performing, where you enjoy working, and where you get your outcomes.


3 Responses to “Welcome to our re-designed website”
  1. 01.30.2013

    Congratulations on your new website. I am in the process of reviewing the whole site as I write this comment. Best of luck!

  2. Jeff Hillier

    Website looks great Tim, congratulations!

    • admin

      Thanks Jeff

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