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Advance notice – Leadership Master Class with Michael Grinder


On the back of high praise for Dalmau Consulting’s Leadership Master Class in Perth last week we wish to announce that Michael Grinder will be here in Australia to give a Master Class in Leadership Effectiveness: from good to exceptional.


Keep you calendar free – March 12 – 15, 2014.


It will be held in an east coast capital city –  venue yet to be announced.

This program gives leaders in the work place a new and unique non-verbal and behavioral perspective on being more effective leaders for even better results!

It will allow you to

  • Identify and incorporate traits of charismatic leaders
  • Improve your leadership skills to manage difficult personalities
  • Interpret your and others’ behavior more accurately
  • Increase your competence by reducing surprises and predicting the behavior of others

Trust: cause, effect or process?


Trust is an emotion based on past experience. In many circles people say “trust is low”, we must fix it and then the team will perform. This view sees trust as a cause of something else, i.e. low trust causes low performance, usually.  Put simply, this is a logical fallacy – if trust is an emotion it arises from something else, not causes something.


Trust is effect more than cause – the level of trust people have with one another arises from a whole host of factors, including expectations and experience, to name but two. Therefore working directly on improving trust is a futile endeavor. One needs to work on other things that result in the effect or increased trust. Read More…


Not stepping up – pitfalls in making assumptions



Like many other phrases, “stepping up to the plate” has entered our lexicon from the sporting world.

Literally it means for a batter in baseball to move near home plate in preparation for striking the ball when it is pitched. Figuratively it has come to mean  —

To move into a position where one is responsible and ready to do a task. Read More…


Better conversations with your team – Part 4



So far in this series of short articles, which give guidance on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your conversations with your team, I have covered 3 of the 4 steps,

  1. Preparation
  2. Starting the conversation
  3. Guiding the conversation

Now the conversation needs to be brought to a close. Read More…


Stepping up to the plate – tackling the un-discussables



Stepping up to the plate – surfacing an “un-discussable”

There is one way of stepping up to the plate, that isn’t for everyone, yet reaps huge rewards. It’s by exposing the silent taboo subject, the ghost issue that is impacting and hindering an individual, a group or perhaps an entire organization.     Read More…