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Change in different cultures



In a short paper Phil Chamberlain, of Dalmau Consulting provides an overview of his experience in, and lessons learned, from his involvement in the emerging large-scale dairy industry in China. He does not claim to be a change management expert, rather a veterinarian who has found himself in a position to advise and to some extent facilitate organizations make changes that on the surface appear straightforward, but in reality mean challenging cultural norms and approaches that are not immediately obvious to an outsider.


Click here to read or download the paper Change in Different Cultures



Behavior change – lessons from the health sector for all leaders


Creating the conditions for, and facilitating, behavior change is a core competency of great leaders and managers. It is also perceived to be one of the most difficult things to achieve and requires approaches and skill that, although may be intuitive to some, the majority find challenging and perplexing. However, research and experience have shown us that there are some clear frameworks and simple skills that can be taught to give leaders and managers huge assistance in more elegantly and successfully influencing behavior change. The health sector provides us with a useful example and model for this. Read More…


Zeus Organizations: Centralized Power



In our June Newsletter I introduced the work that Bernie Neville and I did on the Greek gods as archetypes for understanding the unconscious patterns of behavior that go on in organizations.


Over the coming months we will examine some of these gods and goddesses in more detail, as a window on different organizations that you might know, work in, or recognize.


We will start with Zeus as the father of the divine family and the personification of power. He represents patriarchy, and does not answer to anyone. Read More…