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Who is your first team?


Not long before his retirement, a colleague and friend, John Cleary of BHP Steel, presented an outline of four different ways that a leader could actually understand their role in a team. These are represented in the following diagram.




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Confusing thinking with observing


We all make up stories to give meaning to situations of which we are part or wish to understand – and these stories are created from a mix of our thoughts and observations. In this article I have drawn on some of the work by Gervase Bushe, in his book, Clear Leadership:sustaining real collaboration and partnership at work, and also the work of Michael Grinder.


Being clear about which are thoughts and which are observations can become critical to improving understanding between people and reducing those assumptions we make about both people and situations.


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Hera organizations: loyalty and stability



In our June Newsletter I introduced the work that Bernie Neville and I did on the Greek gods as archetypes for understanding the unconscious patterns of behavior that occur in organizations. the gods and goddess provide a window on different organizations you might know, work in, or recognize.


The archetype goddess we examine this month in more detail, is Hera. ‘Lady’ is a fitting title for Hera. On the one hand it denotes her dignity and the honor due to her as queen of the gods. On the other, it has an old-fashioned feel to it, with connotations of old-fashioned values, ‘proper’ behavior and keeping up appearances. She is a great and glorious goddess who at the same time is capable of extraordinary pettiness and spite. She sometimes appears as an old woman, for she represents the wisdom of the old ways. She stands for tradition and conservative values. She is more often represented as a mature and fulfilled woman, who can occasionally bend even Zeus to her will. She is also a girl, for she bathes every year in a spring to renew her virginity, a symbol of the independence of the woman who is not possessed by or beholden to any man. Read More…


Book a Masterclass – Disruptive innovation: how to make it happen



Again this year Tim and Jill are conducting a Masterclass at the Creative Innovation 2015 Conference, 23-25th March, 2015 in Melbourne.


Tim and Jill start from the proposition disruptive innovation is embraced naturally and easily by some, but for the vast majority of us, the disruption must first start with us.


It starts inside, deep inside: reshaping and reframing our sense of who we are, our mission and purpose in life, and what is important to us. It touches thevalues we live by and the perspectives we bring to bear to solve problems, grasp opportunities and endure in the face of failure and feedback that our initial ideas need transformation. Read More…


Action Learning Workshop: Brisbane, October 2014



Bob Dick  is offering a great opportunity for people who wish to improve their own leadership, practice and performance while they achieve good outcomes for their organization. He is conducting a two day Action Learning Workshop in Brisbane, October 16, 17.


With action learning, participants develop relevant new understanding and skills on the job through relevant project work.  In a well designed action learning intervention, therefore:

  • skills and understanding transfer to normal work because the skills and understanding are learned in a natural work setting
  • participants learn teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making and facilitation by doing it
  • if sufficient participants are involved, the action learning program can be used to support more team-based ways of working, and more initiative throughout the organisation
  • the skills learned are those that improve organisational resilience and distribute more leadership throughout the organization
  • in addition, the organization achieves the completion of important projects; the participants learn skills that aid their promotability.


This workshop is for 

  • managers who would like to involve their team more directly in organizational improvement
  • managers who are looking for ways of improving their own leadership and team facilitation practices
  • facilitators who wish to add action learning methods and processes to their repertoire of applications of facilitation
  • training and development managers, and senior executives, who are attracted to the thought of adopting more effective training practices which also bring about organizational improvement and leadership development
  • community development practitioners interested in processes that can achieve high community engagement in practical community change and capacity building programs
  • educators striving to develop both skills and understanding for their learners and looking for more effective group-based approaches in their classrooms.


This workshop will be run on October 16 – 17 in Brisbane, South East Queensland.


Bob is among the world’s best designers of good process. He is a prolific author, and publisher of some of the best facilitative and change processes available. A thinker, facilitator, consultant and mentor to many; I have had the privilege of working with him and co-authoring some works.  This is an opportunity not to be missed.


Tim Dalmau

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