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Aphrodite organizations – elegant processes and solutions

Aphrodite is a goddess of life, of delight in experience, of unembarrassed enchantment by beauty.

Beauty is a powerful force in human affairs of all kinds. In the organization given over to an Aphrodite culture, it is the key value around which all else revolves. Some organizations are essentially Aphrodite-dominated. The fashion industry, especially cosmetics distributors and modelling agencies, is involved in the worship of Aphrodite by its very nature. Advertising and marketing organizations, which are engaged in various kinds of seduction, are likely to have something of Aphrodite in their culture. Read More…


First Impressions


Dear inner diary,

It is 9:15 a.m. Ten people sit around the conference table. Three males are side glancing towards the beauty at the end of the table. What’s worse is, they don’t even bother to be discreet. One fellow looks like he slept in his shirt. Three have names on their badges that no one can pronounce.

And I am expected to mesh these ten diverse people into a cohesive team. I know in time we could grow to operate efficiently. But in the fast-paced corporate world, I don’t have the luxury of time!

Signed, “In search of a magic wand”


Within seconds, people form impressions ranging from “Oh no!” to “OK,” to “I’m comfortable.” Often the first impressions are connected with unconscious judgments. Even with the best of intentions by all parties, faulty first impressions can sink a team before it even gets started. Seasoned and honest communicators know they are influenced by their first reactions to people and yet they avoid stereotyping; instead, they stay open to modifying their initial reactions. Read More…


Advanced Clinical Leadership Skills


Advanced Clinical Leadership Skills in an age of change, transition and transformation

Tim Dalmau and Michael Grinder will conduct an advanced training event in Adelaide for those in clinical leadership and management positions who seek to excel at their leadership skills, March 12th  – 13th, 2015 in Adelaide.

They will be delivering a special training event for those who wish to be more effective in their people leadership. Read More…