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Tim Dalmau and Steve Zuieback launch their new e-book!


Do you need practical help on how to work out what is going on in your team or organization – get the new e-book, Diagnosis: Strategies and Tools for Organizations by Steve Zuieback and Tim Dalmau

Leaders at all levels of organizations are often perplexed and mistaken about what is actually happening underneath the surface, in their teams and organizations. Like a medical practitioner, it is often critical to first understand the underlying dynamics causing the issue before making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.

You will find a wealth of strategies and tools in this book for “figuring out” what is actually going on in your workplace! Read More…


Leading teams to be their best


Leading teams to be their best

Tim Dalmau and Michael Grinder will conduct a workshop in Adelaide for people who seek to lead teams to perform at their very best,  March 9th  – 10th, 2016 in Adelaide.

Would you like to get your group or team working collaboratively, be innovative, deal with conflict, be aligned and cohesive? Above all, would like to help them to perform at their very best?

Tim Dalmau and Michael Grinder will again conduct a special training event.. This time you will learn ways you can get the best from your team.

This training is for you if you are a leader, executive, educator, middle manager or supervisor who leads a team of people.

You will have the opportunity to work on your own specific needs under the guidance and skill of both Michael Grinder and Tim Dalmau

This is not a workshop of theory, but practical how to’s. Read More…


A skeptics recommendation for a good read on leadership


Recently at a reunion of university friends I talked with someone I hadn’t seen in 25 years.

He has recently retired from a long career in large organizations.

Whilst joking about the ‘closeness to the bone’ of the recent series of Utopia on ABC, he went on to bemoan the mostly useless series of management and leadership development programs he had been subject to in his career.

He is a talented person of a scientific / technical and creative bent, and interested in people, and always had an acute sense of when someone was talking nonsense. In fact he was renowned for the invention of a (virtual) “bullsh** filter”, very necessary in those heady days of robust debate and intellectual one-up-manship that characterized those fondly remembered undergraduate times.

He did say however, that there was one book that had made much sense to him, and had passed the bullsh** filter test, – Leading for the Disillusioned: Moving beyond myths and heroes to leading that liberates (2007). I was curious to see what would make sense to my friend, a person so skeptical of ‘management and leadership theory. Read More…


Hermes: the networked organization


Hermes: the networked organization


Hermes was the most popular of the gods. He was the god of travellers and messengers, heralds and liars, shepherds, thieves, merchants and scholars. Like other Olympian gods, he was the amalgamation of several more ancient deities, but he appears in classical times as a very distinctive character. He is a very slippery god, an opportunist without any respect for conventional morality, a trickster, a con man and a thief. He flourishes in a climate of uncertainty. He is elusive, unpredictable and mischievous, and cannot resist any opportunity to make a profit on a deal. He is also very charming, and known to be particularly friendly to human beings. Read More…