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Action Learning Workshop: Brisbane, October 2014



Bob Dick  is offering a great opportunity for people who wish to improve their own leadership, practice and performance while they achieve good outcomes for their organization. He is conducting a two day Action Learning Workshop in Brisbane, October 16, 17.


With action learning, participants develop relevant new understanding and skills on the job through relevant project work.  In a well designed action learning intervention, therefore:

  • skills and understanding transfer to normal work because the skills and understanding are learned in a natural work setting
  • participants learn teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making and facilitation by doing it
  • if sufficient participants are involved, the action learning program can be used to support more team-based ways of working, and more initiative throughout the organisation
  • the skills learned are those that improve organisational resilience and distribute more leadership throughout the organization
  • in addition, the organization achieves the completion of important projects; the participants learn skills that aid their promotability.


This workshop is for 

  • managers who would like to involve their team more directly in organizational improvement
  • managers who are looking for ways of improving their own leadership and team facilitation practices
  • facilitators who wish to add action learning methods and processes to their repertoire of applications of facilitation
  • training and development managers, and senior executives, who are attracted to the thought of adopting more effective training practices which also bring about organizational improvement and leadership development
  • community development practitioners interested in processes that can achieve high community engagement in practical community change and capacity building programs
  • educators striving to develop both skills and understanding for their learners and looking for more effective group-based approaches in their classrooms.


This workshop will be run on October 16 – 17 in Brisbane, South East Queensland.


Bob is among the world’s best designers of good process. He is a prolific author, and publisher of some of the best facilitative and change processes available. A thinker, facilitator, consultant and mentor to many; I have had the privilege of working with him and co-authoring some works.  This is an opportunity not to be missed.


Tim Dalmau

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