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Book a Masterclass – Disruptive innovation: how to make it happen



Again this year Tim and Jill are conducting a Masterclass at the Creative Innovation 2015 Conference, 23-25th March, 2015 in Melbourne.


Tim and Jill start from the proposition disruptive innovation is embraced naturally and easily by some, but for the vast majority of us, the disruption must first start with us.


It starts inside, deep inside: reshaping and reframing our sense of who we are, our mission and purpose in life, and what is important to us. It touches thevalues we live by and the perspectives we bring to bear to solve problems, grasp opportunities and endure in the face of failure and feedback that our initial ideas need transformation.


It starts with an individual or small group of individuals who decide to explore,to lead a transformation of some form. For these people disruptive innovation is a deeply personal experience and a potentially wondrous internal journey.


This Master Class will equip you to understand the nature of this internal journey and equip you to lead and foster disruptive innovation that leads to sustainable new forms and change with gusto.



  • Understanding the true nature of what it takes psychologically to engage in disruptive innovation
  • A set of working models to help you embark on this path equipped and resourced to guide you
  • Some specific tools and guidelines to assist you


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