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Better conversations with your team



Too often we just go through the motions in meetings and the conversations we have with our teams, especially those we have regularly.

Each time you get together is an opportunity to really engage, understand what is really going on for each other and build stronger relationships helping people enjoy work and get the most out of it – everyday!

This article and ones to follow will focus on short meetings or conversations that you have on a regular basis (eg. once a week) with your team (or crew).

It could be a meeting or conversation to

  • check progress on work or projects that the team is carrying out
  • about safety,  – performance of the team in meeting targets
  • about improving teamwork itself.
  • as part of toolbox meeting

This same approach can be adapted to longer meetings or discussions.

4 steps to better conversations with your team

  1. Preparation
  2. Starting the conversation
  3. Guiding the conversation
  4. Concluding Read more…

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