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Who is your first team?


Not long before his retirement, a colleague and friend, John Cleary of BHP Steel, presented an outline of four different ways that a leader could actually understand their role in a team. These are represented in the following diagram.




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Cycles and Levels of Organizational Life

Ideas_and_Insights_700px_cycles_paperFor insights into the growth and decline in organizations, an understanding of organizational culture and the use of archetypal psychology to better understand what makes organizations tick, click here to read a paper that has evolved over 30 years of working with organizations.

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Safety: Lessons from the field

A client asked me recently to reflect on what I had learned from helping other clients create incident free and care filled workplaces. This paper spells out those learnings. Click here to read or download.  

Tim Dalmau


Will it make the boat go faster

This paper examines the place and purpose of team development. Based on the NZ defence of the America’s Cup the message describes how  team development can be wasted and how it can be used to value add. It all depends on its purpose, how it is framed, and how it is conducted.



Olympus Inc: Intervening for Cultural Change in Organizations

Bernie Neville & Tim Dalmau
Publisher: Karnac Books
Paperback, 450 pages, $37.95
In Olympus Inc., Bernie Neville and Tim Dalmau use the ancient Greek Gods to explores the values, practices and beliefs that underpin businesses, schools, corporations and the like, and through this they illuminate the complex forces and currents that are at work in modern organizations. By combining ancient myth with archetypal psychology, Neville and Dalmau deliver an approach the complex issues of organizational change. Their approach is creative and engaging, but also down-to-earth and practical.

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''A truly useful and practical book'' Rich Shapiro, EY

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