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It’s been several months since the world first heard of coronavirus and a lot has happened since then.  Throughout this period, many of us have been through a few recognizable phases. Stages of concern, alarm, denial, anxiety, living in a fog, and possibly even depression, before moving forward to acceptance.  All of these states are completely normal ways of coming to comprehend and appreciate the current situation both mentally and emotionally.    

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Transition: the blindspot of change



Change is the only constant. And it happens at every level of our existence – from our own bodies right through to the whole planet.


When it is initiated by others in companies, departments, hospitals, mine sites and the like, it is labeled organizational change, and a plethora of literature exists on this subject. The vast majority of change programs initiated in large organizations fail – for many well documented and known reasons.


But too often the results are disappointing because change management is not sufficient in itself; it needs to be supplemented by transition management. Transition is the blind spot of so much well intentioned organizational change.


William Bridges points out that can be triggered by others (as a response to an organizational change), by events (death of a spouse, break up of a relationship)  or by oneself through a choice (new country, new relationship, new role). It can happen in as apparently simple a situation as a unit or section reshuffle of people into new roles or returning from an extended stay in another country. It can start when the change starts or may even begin before the change starts, in anticipation so speak.


In the case of transition triggered by organizational change, the leader’s role is to help individual managers and staff members move through to new beginnings.   Read or download our  paper that describes this blindspot in change management and what to do about it


For an introduction, view this short video by Tim

Tim Dalmau and Jill Tideman


Change and Transition


This is one of the most common areas that many people that we work with approach us for help. It is almost trite to say that change is constant in our organisations and communities, but this does not mean that adapting to change, managing and leading change is any easier.

However, there have been some great thinkers that have helped us understand change better and in doing so, there are some lesson for us in how to help organizations and people adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment.

Steve Zuieback, a facilitator of extraordinary talents and hugely valued member of Dalmau Consulting, has guided many organizations through transition and change. Steve is based in California, and has worked extensively with Dalmau Consulting in Australia and South Africa as well as in the US.

He has put together a great video and material giving an overview of William Bridges work on Transition and Change.

Click here to learn a useful model and explore some real life examples related to handling change and transition in organisations.


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