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Four Free Ways to Motivate your Staff


Tim was recently interviewed for Telstra’s Smarter Business Ideas magazine for small businesses about how to increase the motivation and productivity of people who work for you without investing in expensive programs.  Click here to read the article.

5 Responses to “Four Free Ways to Motivate your Staff”
  1. Ramon Horton

    Thanks for the link Tim. My group currently feels let down as the ability for the manager to shout them some beers on a friday for a job well done has been taken away with the poor economic times. Finding a replacement for this is difficult. Your article identifies this sort of recognition is important however in todays climate we will have to find another method or dip into our own pocket as managers.

    • admin

      You’re right …. good luck with the search!
      How about them shouting each other and the manager a beer?

  2. Simone staniford

    The link nominated doesn’t seem to work.


    • admin

      Thanks Simone. Will check.

  3. admin

    It seems to be working for me Simone

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