Michael Grinder high performance leadership workshop



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Michael Grinder will be conducting a workshop in Brisbane for people who seek to excel at leadership skills, March 12th  – 15th, 2014 in Brisbane.

Michael will be delivering a special training event for those who wish to be more effective in their people leadership. No pre-requisites are needed for this workshop other than a strong desire to excel as a leader of people.  The workshop will focus on the non-verbal aspects of the science and art of being a high performing leader.

This training is for you if you are a leader, executive, middle manager or supervisor who wants to lead and influence more effectively.

This is not a workshop of theory, but practical how tos. It will assist you to

  • Learn and practice a wide range of behaviors; such as making vs. not making eye contact, a still vs. rhythmic body posture
  • Educate yourself as to the effect of each style of behavior?
  • Access that which set of behaviors another individual or audience wants from you?
  • Deliver your message with impact, effect and congruence?[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler style=”blitzer” name=”What will I receive?” showText=”Click to discover” hideText=”Here’s what you will receive:” ] You will experience a full four day high end training experience with Michael Grinder, packed with experience and information held ONLY for Dalmau Consulting participants.

1. Become more confident inside in your dealings with a wide range of people

2. Become more elegant and effective in how you deliver your messages

3. Manage your own emotions and thinking in tense situations

4. Increase the impact and standing that others see you as having

5. Instantly become more credible and influential with others

6. Deal with and manage resistance in others

7. Deliver difficult or negative news with confidence and effect

8. Elicit high performance behaviors from those you lead and manage

9. Identify four types of teams and how to respond to each

10. Recognize and respond to common sources of dysfunction in teams and groups

11. Manage demanding superiors elegantly

[wpspoiler style=”blitzer”  name=”What do people say?” showText=”Click here to find out” hideText=” “] Hear from people who have worked with Michael before:

”I have studied with Michael for 15 years and am convinced that is the reason my speaking career has been as successful as it is. He is a master at non-verbal communication and those are the skills that make the magic of a presentation – they are the process behind the content you deliver. MAKE SURE YOU ARE THERE – IT WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE IN YOUR CAREER – IT WAS FOR ME!

AMANDA GORE, International Speaker


As a professional conference speaker and International President of the Global Speakers Federation I get to see a lot of conference speakers, trainers and presenters from around the world. I have had the privilege to attend many training sessions during my term as President over the last eight months and I rate Michael Grinder’s program as the also most practical I have attended. I have learned so much I can put into use straight away at both a professional and personal level.

LINDSAY ADAMS CSP, Teamocracy, President, National Speakers Association of Australia[/wpspoiler]

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Michael Grinder will be supported by Tim Dalmau [/wpspoiler]

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Wednesday 12th – Saturday 15th MARCH, 2014

Riverglenn Conference Centre
70 Kate St,
Indooroopilly Qld 4068
Tel:       07 3871 4500

The venue is about 20 minutes southwest of Brisbane city centre, and close to a train station.

If you need accommodation it is available on site at the Riverglenn and can be booked separately

www.riverglenn.com.au  [/wpspoiler]

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If you have any queries regarding registration please email tim@dalmau.com or phone +61 41 997 1777

Earlybird Rate ( Only until February 14, 2014) $2600

Standard Rate $3000  [/wpspoiler]