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Life Cycles of Organizations: Implications for Leaders



Click here to view an article written as a companion piece to the paper entitled Cycles and Levels of Organizational Life. In that paper we established that organizations go through cycles of both growth and decline, as originally suggested by the late John Sherwood. In this paper I examine the implications for leadership. This paper suggests that an effective leader is one who is managing not only the known and tacit but also the visible and invisible, the conscious and unconscious – layers of an organization. They are also attentive to small weak signals that are forerunners of new forms and innovations that keep the organization alive, vital and relevant.


Tim Dalmau

2 Responses to “Life Cycles of Organizations: Implications for Leaders”
  1. Paul Harris

    Hello Tim,

    I liked the article on life cycles of Organisations,am doing some consulting currently with a company & I can identify with some aspects featured in the article.

    “Purpose” can sometimes be clouded by peripheral matters.

    Can you give me some information on John Sherwood or maybe where I can learn a little more of him.

    Paul Harris. Ex STIHL

  2. 04.24.2014

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for your comments.

    John was a friend and mentor of mine in the 70s and 80s. He died in the early 90s unfortunately. He worked out of Cincinnati, OH in a company called MDI.

    You might also like to read this http://www.dalmau.com/?p=2551



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