Bob Dick

Bob Dick

"Bob has a very genuine manner about him. He is incredibly knowledgable and experienced, and is willing to share that knowledge in a patient, curious and helpful way. A world class teacher, with useful, practical suggestions backed up by years of experience so he knows what works. Put simply he is the master's master."
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Training, Facilitation design and processes, Action Learning for team building and organizational development, Model building, Conflict resolution, Change design and management

About Bob

I am a designer of organization and group level processes.  That involves developing facilitation and change skills, models, methodologies and perspectives related to action research methodology.


My skills lie in the fields of group and process design, coaching, organizational change, action learning, action research, practitioner development.


I assist a wide range of people in industry sectors including, heavy and light manufacturing and steel production, consulting, engineering, health care and education, community development and government.



Recent Published work

Dick (2011) Action learning. In S. O’Toole, N. Ferres & J. Connell (Eds.), People development: an inside view — developing individuals, leaders and organisations. Melbourne: Tilde University Press.


Dick (2011) Organisational survival and improvement through resilience. In M.J. Celinski, & K.M. Gow (Eds.). Continuity versus creative response to challenge: the primacy of resilience and resourcefulness in life and therapy, 307-325. New York: Nova Science Publishers.