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Performance: The Holy Grail of Leadership



Click here to view or download a paper exploring useful concepts related to how leaders can approach the sometimes elusive improvement of performance of their organizations, teams and  people. It describes the nature of changes that need to occur for breakthrough performance to be achieved.

Jill Tideman

2 Responses to “Performance: The Holy Grail of Leadership”
  1. Ian Sampson

    Hi Jill,
    Thanks for a great article! It nicely captures the essence of the link between high performance (the outcomes), quality work (the processes) and complete relationships (the glue).
    As you may have seen in Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan’s book, I have had some experience with their transformation work over the years. I find that when their insights are coupled with the approach fostered by you guys at DC, truly great results are achievable with individuals and groups. (I am not so sure about long term sustainable results in relation to organisations.)
    Kind regards to you and all at DC,

    • Jill Tideman

      Hi Ian

      Thank you for your comments.

      I agree that great results are achievable with individuals and groups if you follow the lead of the likes of Zaffron and Logan.
      Whilst sustainable performance improvement across whole organizations is challenging I think that Tim’s article this month (When Leadership for Change Works!) gives some real life examples and insight into how the Holy Grail of Performance can be achieved in organizations over time.

      Kind Regards,

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