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Safety: Lessons from the field

A client asked me recently to reflect on what I had learned from helping other clients create incident free and care filled workplaces. This paper spells out those learnings. Click here to read or download.  

Tim Dalmau

2 Responses to “Safety: Lessons from the field”
  1. Viv Oates

    Great article Tim. This really does encapsulate a clear way forward for those seeking to improve safety in the workplace. I recently developed a safety maturity model which you may also find quite interesting.

    This would be a great article for the Performance Magazine if you would like me to submit it on your behalf.

  2. Dalmau Consulting

    Thanks for the comments, Viv.

    Where can we see your safety maturity model. Would you like me to post it here?

    I would value you submitting very much Viv. Steve Zuieback has a few suggestions, I believe, for additional comments. Let me get them from him and I will come back to you.


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