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Two special training opportunities


 Foundations of facilitation

Bob Dick  is offering a great opportunity for people who wish to improve their facilitations skills. Something he does every year, this workshop is for anyone who seeks to improve their competency at facilitation. Dates are May 21 and 22 in Brisbane, Australia.

Bob assumes that all people have experience of group activities.  The workshop is designed to help you become more aware of what you already know, and add to the methods and processes you can use in group settings.

People who can benefit from the workshop include managers, group leaders in all settings, teachers and trainers, beginning facilitators, and the like.

Bob is among the world’s best designers of good process. He is a prolific author, and publisher of some of the best facilitative and change processes available. A thinker, facilitator, consultant and mentor to many; I have had the privilege of working with him and co-authoring some books.  This is an opportunity not to be missed. For more details follow this link.

Working with dysfunctional team dynamics

Steve Zuieback and Michael Grinder are conducting a very special workshop for those leaders who want to get clearer on when to manage a team and when to lead or facilitate. It is is designed for leaders, managers and supervisors who find themself in challenging group and team settings. Perhaps they have inherited a team with dysfunctional dynamics or perhaps are themselves perceived by others to be a source of this dysfunction.

The workshop is being held on June 18 and 19 in Vancouver, Washington, USA.

Steve Zuieback is one of the best trainers in facilitation skills I have ever worked with and Michael is a master of precision communication. This is the first time ever they have worked together and it is an opportunity not to be missed. For more information about this special event follow this link.

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